Great ready for some great music

guy singingOn Friday, October 9th some big sound was emitting from the small bar at the corner of 3rd and Broadway. Third Street Dive hosted a night of talented, all original groups both local and of the outlying area. Each group got to perform one short set to highlight some of their best material and add just a pinch of customized cover songs to display their dynamic styles.



The metal-laden night got off to a kick-ass start with out-of-town guests, Gravel Switch, all the way from Jamestown in Lake Cumberland, KY. They describe their sounds as “Kentucky fueled hard rock” for a reason.




“Between the heavy riffs and the crashing cymbals, Gravel Switch has a sound that feels familiar yet aggressively fresh at the same time, especially with their superior singing going on. After the December 2012 release of “Face The Day”, the band is moving a step closer to launching their music into a mainstream rock sound that is ready for the airwaves” (Bowling Green Daily News)


They have independently released an EP of their next CD, Beautiful Misery (available on ITunes), but are currently adding on more tracks. No release date has been set in stone yet for the full project.


Then it was Atonements turn. Based out of Floyd Knobs, Indiana, this trio melted our faces off for the second set of the night and knew how to turn up the heat. Their thrashing, speed metal style is not for the faint of heart. The pace was faster than a foaming thoroughbred and they rarely stopped between songs to take a breath. Their stamina alone was more than impressive.


At first glance, many in the club wondered if these young guys were even old enough to legally BE in the club, but looks are deceiving. Drummer/vocalist Donnie Cranmer and guitarist/vocalist Josh Garrett are both 29 years old and bassist Ben Smith is only 30. They play like seasoned veterans as if they have been together since childhood, yet Atonement has only been a project recently formed less than a year. This was their 3rd show.


“I’ve known Josh, our guitarist, for years and have known Ben, our bassist, for years. So you could say we’ve been together in spirit for many years?” says Cranmer. “We just really groove together and have tried very hard to capture and distill our inner workings into something exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes its heavy as hell and sometimes it’s beautiful and serene.”

They are in the midst of writing their debut album and are putting the finishing touches on just 2 more songs before they head to the studio to record. No release dates yet are set for the release.  We got a big preview of what is to come with, “Game Over,” “Babylon,” “Apparition,” “The High and the Mighty,” “The Lesser of Two Evils” and “Almost.”


Locals tore it up

Local powerhouse, Rifle, who is currently recording their next CD, was 3rd to hit the small stage. Drummer Kenny Beckum, who recently suffered a minor injury to his hand, resulting in several stitches, was substituted by their original drummer Anthony Kelly for the night and fortunately his experience with the group enabled them to perform a decent selection of a few of their best songs. Among them were: “Big Scary,” “Little Girl Lost,” “No Tomorrow,” “Control,” “World of Shit,” “Love Song,” “My Machine” and “Hard.” A standout of the night was in the form of The Electric Light Orchestras “Showdown,” which they completely owned! It had little resemblance to the original recording and I wondered if some of the audience didn’t recognize it and thought it was a Rifle original as well?


This talented group also composed of Jet Piston – guitar/vocals, Sean Flannery – bass and R.T. Kraken, will be returning to recording to finish their next project titled, Big Scary, when Beckum is physically cleared for take-off. They are already writing material for yet another CD after they release Big Scary that you can find at on the second page down. No dates for that have been set yet. As for shows, they don’t have anything set in stone for November, but might land a sporadic date or two. Be sure to check their Facebook page for their next events.

lady singer

Headliners for the win

Headliners, Two Pump Chump, a group founded all the way back in 1998, rounded up the evening with a set crammed full of just a handful of their original tunes – among many to choose from – and managed to extract the last of the energy from the appreciative crowd. Front man and lead vocalist, Scott Cook didn’t have much room to work with but give him a postage-stamp to stand on and he will make the most of it. He did just that this night in the confining space he shared with his band-mates, B-Rad Mattingly – guitars, Traz Mudd – guitars, Brett Siples – drums and Dave Bennett – bass.


For a few moments I was sure someone was going to lose an eye, but the band jammed their hearts out without incident cranking out some of their best: “Too Drunk to Die,” “Lie for You,” “The Hangover,” “Get You Some “and “Trailer Park Love.” And in their own unique style, the band played the cover of John Denvers “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” which got the whole crowd singing enthusiastically right along!


The band has produced 5 CDs over their years, however, only 3 of them are still available and in print: The self-titled, Two Pump Chump, Deep in the Shag and Get You Some. They continue to write new material on a fairly regular basis. To purchase these awesome CDs and find out their current show dates, check their page on Facebook and brace yourself to be majorly entertained!